I'm a Freelance Animator, a traveler, a nature lover and one of those people who always sit in weird stretchy poses.


I'm from Istanbul, Turkey. I currently live & work in Atlanta, GA, USA. I graduated from SCAD in 2019 with a BFA in Animation. I mainly work in motion design and  3D animation. I'm experienced in taking a lead creative role  and developing full concepts in a variety of mediums.

My passion is working in projects that expand the ways animation can be stylized. Similar to my short film "Escape", I enjoy experimenting in hybrid productions to achieve a unique look. Mood and purpose come before everything in my process. I tend to make and be inspired by pieces that reflect a sense of childish wonder, but are driven by a mature tone. I'm also always looking for ways to pull from my endless interest in nature, space, science and research. If none of the above, I'm probably doodling something with forests and trees or an adventurous curly haired kid who always looks oddly much like me.


I'm open for work and would love to connect, share ideas or grab some tea.

Feel free to shoot me an email! 🌻